"One of the Boys" 2018-05-16 - 10:36 p.m.

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Found out today there’s another trans girl in my group of friends.

She’s actually out and transitioning, unlike me.

It makes me very happy, to know there’s someone else like me that I know and get along with and can talk to.

It makes me even happier that my friends are cool with it.

I’ve been petrified since college of what my friends would say if I came out. Seeing that they’re fine with a member of the group transitioning takes such a weight off my shoulders it hasn’t even fully hit me yet.

This is a fear I’ve lived with every day for over ten years ad I just found out it’s fine.

Like, what?

How do you even deal with something that big?

I just hope she’s ok with talking to me about this stuff.

I feel like I hit the lottery tonight.

I guess even as introverted I am they’re not wrong about how much humans need someone to talk to.

sweet dreams